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Item ID:  41-16D8
Item Name: DTMF Mic for Kenwood TK-868G TK-768G ...ect 8pin RJ

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 DTMF Mic for Kenwood TK-868G TK-768G ...ect  8pin RJ

DTMF Microphone :  

This bid is for one new high quality Speaker for  Kenwood mobile hand microphone (as KMC-32) that is compatible with the many Kenwood mobile radio models. The microphone has a heavy duty coiled cord with a 8 pin RJ connector .

DTMF(Dual Tone Multi Frequency) function will open the radio's squelch only when it receives a DTMF code that matches one pre-programmed into your receiver. Each tranceiver is normally programmed with a unique code.

The KMC-32 is a hand microphone, with DTMF function keys.

Use for 8PIN mobile radio: 


Kenwood mobile Radio :TK-768G/ TK-868G...etc


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