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Item ID: T-366T-B
Item Name: T-366T-B Desoldering PUMP

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T-366T-B  DESOLDERING PUMP  T-366T-B (28cm)


This heavy-duty, high-quality Desoldering Tool is efficient and durable.The tool’s design and high vacuum force make it ideal
For clearing circuit boards in rework jobs as well as for field repairs.

    * High vacuum force
 * Easy operation
 * Heavy duty
 * Plastic construction
 * Teflon tip
 * Reliable Performance
 * Cleans quickly

     * Length 28cm




1. Make certain that the spring-loaded (top) mechanism of the pump is not depressed (if metal rod inside coil is
    showing, it is not depressed).

2.Hold body of pump securely, and twist plastic flange connecting the top and pump body 1/4-turn counter-clockwise.

3.Pull apart body from spring-loaded (top) mechanism to expose the plunger.

4.Clean out the solder (on the O-ring and inside the housing).

5.Apply lubricant to the metal area of the plunger mechanism.

6.Re-assemble plunger mechanism, pump body and spring-loaded (top) mechanism.

7.Twist plastic flange clockwise until locked, and make certain that top and bottom portions are tightly connected.


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