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Item ID: 1x 4-061 (please choose plug )
Item Name: Dual-Speaker Headset (please choose type below VV)
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Your companion to communicate comfortably in harsh, high noise environment.

With this over-the-head dual-speaker headset, you can communicate with others without the interference of surrounding noise. Since the transmission goes to both ears, it make sure that you could hear under harsh environment. This is ideal for use in manufacturing plants, construction sites, airports and other heavy equipment operation sites.

For two-way radio beginners, please don't put the earphone into or out of the radio when it is functioning.

  • Cloth-covered ear seals;
  • Flexibly, fully adjustable boom microphone;
  • Single-wire design with PTT between the headset and the radio;
  • Length of cable: overall 120 cm (about 4 ft) ; from headset to PTT 30 cm (about 1 ft); from PTT to radio 90 cm (about 3 ft)
  • Weight: 215 g

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    Item ID: Item Name: USD$
    1x 4-061K
    1x Dual-Speaker Headset for Kenwood (K plug) US$26.03
    1x 4-061M 1x Dual-Speaker Headset for Motorola (M plug) US$26.03
    1x 4-061MT 1x Dual-Speaker Headset for Motorola (MT plug) US$26.03
    1x 4-061S 1x Dual-Speaker Headset for Icom (S plug) US$26.03


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