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Item ID: S-210
Item Name: Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Mosquito Bug Rodent Repeller

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Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Mosquito Bug Rodent Repeller


Say Goodbye to Rats, Mosquitoes, Cockroaches, flies, and other insects or bugs from your home!

Bugs and insects are truly a constant annoyance in most of the home. Most people choose to combat the unwanted invasion with spray repellents and traps - but they can be hazardous to your health and just plain messy. Sunbeam has solved both problems with the ultrasonic/electromagnetic pest repeller. Using electromagnetic waves, this silently repels unwanted vermin without leaving a nasty smell or mess �It's also easy to use - just plug it into any standard wall outlet and your done!

  • This Electrical Pest Repeller can be used to repel rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other pests.
  • It is controlled by a built in microcomputer, carrier wave pulse circuitry and carrier frequency pulse circuitry.
  • The Electrical Pest Repeller using high frequency pulse acoustic waves and electromagnetic waves to attack the nervous system of pests. The only way for them to survive is to leave the area.
  • No smell, no poison, no fumes, non-audible and no side effect to human.
  • It can be used continuously
  • Suitable for use in homes, offices, restaurants, warehouses etc.
    plug the Repeller into any electric socket near to the places where pests frequent. If the green light and red light is flashing, then the unit is in normal working.
  • The flashing green light means it is emitting high frequency pulse acoustic waves; the flashing red light means it is emitting the pulse electromagnetic waves when the repeller is working.
  • Built-in spillage protect circuit, the red light will turn off after a while, and will turn on after two minutes to constant temperature.
  • The effective range is 60 square meters; you should use 2 or more units for bigger area or multi story buildings.
  • If there are pets like hamster or similar animals in house, please don� use this Electrical Pest Repeller
  • It will start to work immediately for certain pests and will drive away most pests in 2 to 4 weeks.

*Do not use this repeller near explosives
*Do not disassemble the repeller
*Do not use near television
*Do not expose the repeller to rain and water
*Rated Voltage: AC 220-240 VAC,50HZ/60 HZ
*Power consumption : 4W

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