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Item ID: WP-300A
Item Name: Universal Travel AC Power Plug Adaptor USB Charger

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Universal Travel AC Power Plug Adaptor USB Charger

Condition: 100% New In Box

Color: White

Size: 6.8cm x 5.3cm x 5cm

Weight: 92g

<<< Item Description >>>


* Universal receptacle that can accept any Foreign Plugs.
* All-In-One adapter design that enable you no need to carry multiple adapters during traveling around the world, just use the slider on the side of the adapter to select the plug configuration, covering UK, USA, EURO, AUS, etc.
* A USB connecter can help you to charge your mobile electronic through the USB power port.
* AC input : 100 - 250 V  Fuse : 6A
* AC output : 100 - 250 V  Fuse : 6A
* USB output : DC 5V ~ 500mA

<<<<<<< Attention: This Product Does Not Convert Voltage >>>>>>


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