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 6 in 1 Touch Sensor Pulse Heart Rate Calories Watch

Congratulations on purchasing the Calorie Watch by Fitness Wizard. The Calorie Watch is the first and only watch that can calculate your heart rate and calories burned while exercising......without the need of a chest strap.

The 6 in 1 watch is Timer, Calendar, Chronograph (stopwatch) with split lap time, Calorie counter, Daily alarm and hourly chime and Pulse rate detector. Here is how it works, when you first open your Calorie Watch and begin to set the date and time, you will also set your age, weight and . This information is stored in the watch's memory. When you begin exercising, you simply start the watch's intemal counter. When you are finished, you simply stop the counter, press SET and touch the sensor once. It's that easy. Based on your preset information, the time on the counter, and your heart rate. The calorie watch is able to determine how many calories you have burned during your workout.



- 6 in 1 sport watch
- Timer
- Calender
- Daily alarm and houly chime
- Chronograph with split lap time (stop watch)
- Calorie counter
- Pluse rate detector
- Water resistant
- User manual included
- CR2032 cell battery included
- Beautiful plastic gift box packing



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