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Item ID: 8-005+55-M
Item Name: Radio-Tone Cable Adaptor For HLN9716 for MOTOROLA GP-328 HT

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8-005 + 55-M

Audio Adapter for Motorola Handheld radio HLN9716 
Compatible with Motorola part HLN9716, to use with Motorola 2 prong plug speaker mic or air tube headset work for following model:

GP1280, GP140, GP320, GP328, GP329, GP338, GP339, GP340, GP360, GP380, GP640, GP650, GP680
HT1250, HT1250LS, HT1550, HT1550XLS, HT750
MTX8250, MTX8250LS, MTX850, MTX850LS, MTX9250, MTX950
PRO5150, PRO5350, PRO5450, PRO5550, PRO5750, PRO7150, PRO7350, PRO7450, PRO7550, PRO7750, PRO9150
PTX700, PTX760, PTX780 
Key Features & Specs:
Connector: Motorola HLN9716 style
3.5 mm / 2.5mm 2 prong plug jack

Color: Black   

Package Include : 1x8-005 + 1x55-M

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