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Item ID: 1x 4-096
Item Name: 1x Forehead/Throat-Vibration mic
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4-096 ( MiNi DIN plug series) : Forehead / Throat Mic with VOX/PTT

The forehead mic transmits your voice by the vibration of your skull. It transmit crystal clear sound without the need to talk before a boom mic.
It is attached to an elastic Velcro strap that suits head sizes from 12 to 25 inches.

The forehead mic can be easily hidden under a helmet or cap. You can also wear it on your throat and it could be easily hidden under the collars.

Since the microphone transmits directly from your forehead or throat,
it is not sensitive to the background noise. This is exceptionally ideal for usage in high ambient environment such as driving,
riding motorcycles and bicycles. Besides, the easily adjusted Velcro strap fixes the position of the sensor / microphones so that it would
not be misplaced even under constant movement. An ideal choice for hardcore operations.

With the best-quality transparent acoustic tube that could hardly be detected by people around you,
this is also ideal for surveillance purposes and security at airports, casinos, crowd control at conventions and concerts,
and other working environment requiring discreet communications. 

There are two speakers / sound outputs on the forehead mic: the plug for acoustic tube earpiece (provided) and a 3.5mm plug for a pair of standard stereo earphones (not provided).

The plug leading to the two-way radio is also detachable. It is to be connected by a 6-pin mini din plug. The packages comes with the two-way radio plug for the specified models (see specfications on the left). If you would like to work with radios with different accessory jacks, just come and purchase the suitable cables and plug into your throat mic.

VOX/PTT Throat-Vibration Speaker/Microphone in connection to an acoustic tube headset and a detachable PTT cord; Two wire leading from the PTT/VOX unit, one leading to a separate PTT button and the other leading to the radio plug; both wires are connected by mini din plugs and are detachable; Comes with interface acoustic tube earpiece (provided) and a 3.5mm plug for standard stereo earphones (not provided);VOX/PTT compatible: VOX mode only works with radios that come with built-in VOX capability;

Technical data of earphone speaker
-Transducer: moving coil dynamic speaker Impedance: 32Ω +/- 15% @ 1kHZ 
-Sensitivity: 120 +/- 3dB @ 1kHZ 
-Resonance freq (FO) 400HZ +/- 20% 
-Rated input power: 200mW Maximum input power: 500mW

Technical data of microphone

-Sensitivity: -37.5+/-2dB @ 1kHZ 2.2KΩ 3V 0dB=1v/pa 
-Impedance: Max. 2.20kΩ @1kHZ 
-Directivity: Omni-directional Frequency: 100Hz - 16000Hz 
-Max operation voltage: 10V 
-Standard operation voltage: 3V;
-Current consumption: Max. 0.5mA;
-S/N ratio: Min. -56dB @1.1kHZ

-Best fit forehead / neck size: 12" - 25"

 Please choose MINI Din plug fit for radio


                PACKAGE CONTAIN



  • 1 x Forehead / Throat Mic with VOX funtion
  • Mini Din Plug  **This item is not include MINI Din plug connect to Radio , please choose option from below

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Item ID: Item Name: USD$
1x 4-096 1x Forehead/Throat-Vibration mic                        ( without mini din plug ) US$34.20
1x 4-096+44-K
1x Forehead/Throat-Vibration mic for Kenwood                +(K plug) US$38.70
1x 4-096+44-M 1x Forehead/Throat-Vibration mic for Motorola                 +(M plug) US$38.70
1x 4-096+44-MT 1x Forehead/Throat-Vibration mic for Motorola Talkabout  +(MT plug) US$38.70
1x 4-096+44-HT 1x Forehead/Throat-Vibration mic for Motorola HT1000     +(HT plug) US$46.20
1x 4-096+44-M328 1x Forehead/Throat-Vibration mic for Motorola GP328      +(M328 plug) US$41.20
1x 4-096+44-M328+ 1x Forehead/Throat-Vibration mic for Motorola GP328+    +(M328+ plug) US$41.20
1x 4-096+44-V 1x Forehead/Throat-Vibration mic for Motorola Visar Series +(V plug) US$38.70
1x 4-096+44-Y 1x Forehead/Throat-Vibration mic for Yaesu                     +(Y plug) US$38.70
1x 4-096+44-Y7 1x Forehead/Throat-Vibration mic for Yaesu                     +(Y7 plug) US$39.20
1x 4-096+44-Y4 1x Forehead/Throat-Vibration mic for Vertex Standard       +(Y4 plug) US$40.20
1x 4-096+44-S 1x Forehead/Throat-Vibration mic for Icom                        +(S plug) US$38.70
1x 4-096+44-SL 1x Forehead/Throat-Vibration mic for Icom                       +(SL plug) US$38.70
1x 4-096+44-S2 1x Forehead/Throat-Vibration mic for Midland                   +(S2 plug) US$38.70
1x 4-096S2+44-(L) 1x Forehead/Throat-Vibration mic for Midland                   +(S2(L) plug) US$38.70
1x 4-096+44-J 1x Forehead/Throat-Vibration mic for Jingtong                  +(J plug) US$38.70


Please choose from : MINi DIN PLUG for connector Radio



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