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Member easy shopping step by step: 

1) Please login first . 

2) Please shopping and choose item ,andthen push "Add to cart  " 

3) Push " My Cart: 

4) Push " NEXT " 

5) Press "paypal" and "shipping" and then click  "Submit" 

6) Push "PayPal"   (payment will purchase by paypal)

7) Log in to PAYPAL .


*When received you PAYPAL payment ,We will ship item at Next day, Send out date will display below you order page.


If can't , you can buy it for different order, and mark it on paypal payment note to tell me combine with which order number. let us follow


Have a Problem? Q & A

Q1.Why my order display "Unpaid " , But i have paid by paypal ?

A1.radioshop888 :Sorry for some case action will delay the display of  payment status , "Paid" will change due 24hours after.

Q2.Ref. Address for shipping  ?

A2.radiooshop888 : All send out item address from PAYPAL payment . If you want to ship to other address not same as paypal registered , please add one more address you want to ship on your paypal .

Q3.What way  tracking  my shipping Detail ?

A3.radioshop888 :Item shipped after ,message will send to you by E-mail and mark on data base, detail with shipped date and tracking number .
                  Please checking from :HONGKONG post Office or DHL or EMS speedpost

   RAXXXXXXXXXHK  ----for HOngkong Post office  (*Post office Tracking number included for payment order min amount  $15usd )

   20XXXXXXXX----------for DHL

   EE123456789HK------- for EMS

Q4.What time the product arrive my address?

A4. Post office will take 7~15 work days for arrived  , DHL and EMS will take 3~7 work days for arrived.

Q5. We live in ITALY ,Why shipping time is too slow?

A5.Our record ,ITALY customs is very busy, Some of case , They received product was take 1~2 month by air mail , This is problem of ITALY customs, not post office . If want fast , please extra money for DHL speed post.

When radio by order , PLease contact us when you live in ITALY .



  1) Please login first .




2) Please shopping and choose item ,andthen push "Add to cart  " 




3) Push " My Cart: 



4) Purchare page , press " NEXT " 

     or press " shopping "



5) Purchare page ,press "payment" and "shipping" and then click  "Submit" 



 Standard Payment " PAYPAL " , SHIPPING " HONGKONG post office" .



6) Push "PayPal"   (payment will purchase by paypal)





7) Log IN To PAYPAL  for get payment .









Checking my order ,Press " My Order "

 Order No." 110XXX " (order invoice will display ) 





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