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Item ID: 4-018
Item Name: 1x 4-018 Earpiece mic with PTT (please choose type)
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4-018 series :This listing is for the brand new aftermarket ear bud style headset with inline microphone as seen in the photo. It has a remote microphone with a push to talk button that clips almost anywhere. The earbud fits snugly on the ear and keeps your conversations private. Optional ear clip included for additional support. Can be used on either the left or right ear.

Excellent for use in police, military, nightclubs, bars, paintball, security, restaurants, hotels, bouncer, warehouses, and noisy environments.


The cable length from the connector to the push to inline microphone is 29 inches.

The cable length from the microphone to the ear bud is 9 inches.
Speaker Specs DIA: f13±0.5mm

Impedance: 32O ±15% ,Sensitivity: 103dB±3dB

Frequency Response: 200Hz-3.5KHz
Microphone Specs: 6.0 X 5.0mm ,
Frequency Response: 20Hz-16KHz

Impedance: 2.2KO

Sensitivity: -36dB±2dB

Color: Black

                                    Ear View                          Inline Push to Talk Button/Mic  

Other plug , please click  "Choices for this product:"

1x 4-018K        1x Earpiece mic with PTT for Kenwood (K Plug) USD$5.32
1x 4-018M       1x Earpiece mic with PTT for Motorola (M Plug) USD$5.32
1x 4-018MT     1x Earpiece mic with PTT for Motorola Talkabout (MT Plug) USD$5.32
1x 4-018S       1x Earpiece mic with PTT for Icom (S Plug) USD$5.32
1x 4-018S2(L) 1x Earpiece mic with PTT for Midland (S2(L) Plug) USD$5.32
1x 4-018Y      1x Earpiece mic with PTT for Yaesu (Y Plug) USD$5.32
1x 4-018Y7    1x Earpiece mic with PTT for Yaesu (Y7 Plug) USD$12 

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