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Item ID: skytrax10-40X25
Item Name: skytrax10-40X25 HD high-powered telescope

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Specifications: 10-40x25
Magnification: 10 times -40 times, 10 times and 40 times in between as needed free Mediation
Eyepiece diameter: 10mm
Objective Diameter: 25mm
Prism Category: k4
Coating: Multi broadband green film (please note the difference, is the best kind of green film coating way, is not an ordinary blue film Oh)
FOV: 10 times: 3.5 ° ~ 40 times: 2.0 °
Focus: stretch or rotate the focus (two ways)

Color: Black

Features: Dual Focus Mode: Rotate the focus and thrust-type focusing appointing one kind. Special small size, high definition, the most suitable use at night.


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