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  Hot News - Wouxun KG-UV6D Upgrade Version On Sale


Wouxun KG-UV6D Dual Band VHF/UHF 200 Channel Handheld  Commercial / HAM Radio

Dual band VHF/UHF, 200 channel commercial / Ham transceiver.  . Upgraded 1700mAH Li-ion battery pack. Standard SMA antenna connector.

Excellent 0.18uV sensitivity across the 2m and 70cm bands

Two Requency Range Model :

Frequency Range of 136-174, 350-470 MHz RX/TX. FM: 76-108 MHz (RX).
Frequency Range of 136-174, 420-520 MHz RX/TX. FM: 76-108 MHz (RX).

The KG-UV6D features a long operating time (about 13 hours), thanks to the standard extended life 1700 mAh high capacity Li-ion battery pack.

KG-UV6D Model

•Standard SMA antenna connector
•RPT: Additional programmable multifunctional key. Can change shift direction or reverse frequency, or activate fm radio, lamp, stopwatch or alarm.
•Channel selector knob works when the keyboard is locked
•The single/dual band key can be software programmed on/off

  • Superior crossmodulation, intermodulation rejection and strong signal performance guarantees far less received interference compared to all other amateur radios
  • Commercial quality and commercial performance, too!
  • Excellent 0.18uV sensitivity across the 2m and 70cm bands
    5W output 144-148MHz (2m), 4W output 430-450MHz (70cm)
  • High/low output power levels
    199 memory channels
  • Digital FM broadcast band radio
  • Dual or single frequency display
  • Dual watch receive; continually checks VFO A and VFO B freqs. Each VFO accepts VHF or UHF
  • Priority scan in VFO mode and memory channel mode
  • Dual (V/U) squelch set levels
  • Dual repeater offsets selectable
  • Multi-function scanning
  • Single key for repeater reverse
  • Repeater offset; 0-69.950MHz
  • Voice annunciation
  • CTCSS rx/tx included (50 groups).
  • DTMF encode included!
  • DCS (105 groups)
  • VOX function
  • frequency steps selectable
  • Battery save mode
  • Busy channel lockout selectable
  • Low battery voice prompt
  • VFO or computer programmable
  • Wire cloning function
KG-UVD6D Technical Specification

Frequency Range


  136-174&420-520MHz (RX/TX)

  FM: 76-108MHz (RX)

Memory Channels

199 channels

Frequency Stability


Operating Voltage


Operating Temperature



IP 55

Antenna Impedance







Frequency Stability


RF Carrier Power


Effective Radiation Power (ERP)

within pre-determined value ±7.5dB

Max. Frequency Deviation

Channel Space: 25KHz  ±5KHz

Channel Space: 12.5KHz ±2.5KHz

Audio Modulation

+3dB (pre-emphasis by 6dB between 0.3-3KHz)

Adjacent Channel Power

Channel Space: 25KHz  ≥70 dB

Channel Space: 12.5KHz  ≥60 dB

Spurious Radiation


Inter modulation Attenuation


Modulation Distortion


Residual FM


Residual AM



Sensitivity (12dB SINAD


Squelch Rejection Sensitivity


Squelch Sensitivity


Audio Output power


Audio Distortion


Audio Response

300-3000Hz)  +1 to -3dB

Co-channel Rejection


Performance of Amplitude Limiter


Adjacent Channel Selection

Channel Space: 25KHz  ≥70 dB

Channel Space: 12.5KHz  ≥60 dB


≥65 dB


≥84 dB

Spurious Radiation



Standard Accessories Included Radio Box Set :
  • Dual band radio
  • Dual band antenna
  • Extended life 1700 mAh high capacity li-ion battery pack
  • Intelligent desktop 3-4 hour rapid charger
  • Desktop charger AC power cord
  • Belt clip
  • Wrist strap
  • English user manual


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