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s003 x 2pcs
SMA - male to BNC - female adaptor for radio S003 x2
Our Price:USD 6.20
S004 x2pcs
BNC Male TO SMA-Female adaptor x2 pcs
Our Price:USD 7.50
1x BNC to N adaptor S051
Our Price:USD 5.20
1 x BNC adaptor for radio S003B
Our Price:USD 5.20
90° BNC plug male to BNC female jack RF connector x 5 pcs
Our Price:USD 12.50
SO239 UHF jack female to BNC male plug RF x 5 pcs
Our Price:USD 18.00
BNC SMA for TK250 TK260G/270G GP2000 GP68 Maxon Midland Icom
Our Price:USD 4.50
N female jack to BNC plug male RF connector straight x 5 pcs
Our Price:USD 12.00

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